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Facebook Instant Articles — a better experience on mobile.

Last week Facebook announced the arrival of “Instant Articles a new way for publishers to post articles on Facebook that allows for faster viewing and sharing. You can experience Instant Articles through the Facebook mobile app. The program enables content creators to publish articles that are hosted natively on the app’s News Feed and won’t require readers to follow an external link to the article. This makes articles available instantly, eliminating the usual eight seconds (on a good day) of loading another website.

Web Link vs Instant Articles

Web Link vs Instant Articles

Posted by Mike Matas on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Not only is Instant Articles faster, but also more mobile-reader-oriented, with a striking interactive format that demands attention. Videos embedded in the article will autoplay as readers scroll through the story. Interactive maps allow readers to explore the locations in which the stories take place. Readers can view zoomed-in, high-resolution photos from a variety of angles simply by tilting their phones. And, connecting it all back to Facebook, readers can like and comment on individual lines and sections of the article.

This is all the HTML a publisher needs to write to create this Instant Article interactive map with an audio caption.Stuff like this is currently really difficult, if not impossible to build in the mobile web. Hopefully by making them a lot easier to build they will become commonplace in the articles we read on our phones.

Posted by Mike Matas on Saturday, May 16, 2015

It’s aesthetically elegant, it’s quick, and it’s easy to see why Instant Articles has attracted big-name content creators such as National Geographic, BuzzFeed, and The New York Times. With over a billion active users on Facebook, the built-in readership and exposure readily available for articles and other content is powerful. Instant Articles represents a major step forward in the world of mobile content publishing.

The Instant Article publishing feature is coming soon to our content creation and publishing tool, Particle. The content you create in Particle can then be posted on Facebook as a native Instant Article, no extra formatting required. Stay tuned for more on Particle.