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Book marketing, reimagined.

Successful book marketing has often been predicated on guesswork, personal opinions and a feeling we could have done better... we're just not sure where. We like to do things a little differently. Crafting engaging human experiences that deliver results requires the marriage of great design and insightful data, which we achieve one client, campaign, and book at a time.



Know your audience, sell more books

Finding your book's audience is one thing, but knowing what they like (and dislike), and then engaging them with a powerful message is another story. We conduct thorough research on each book's audience to ensure that your campaigns are relevant and effective, identifying the core audiences, visiting the places they hang out, and pursuing the most exciting mediums to optimize reach.


Going Viral Means Knowing How to Share

Instead of creating campaigns with the goal of getting people to watch, we strive for campaigns that make people want to share. We identify the creative devices that will emotionally trigger your audience in a positive, highly arousing way. Marketing is a high stakes game, and you need to play to win. To make an impact marketing campaigns need to be unique, but we also know the importance of looking at what the competition is doing. 


And when you want to expand, market research doesn't have to be a game of guesswork. We specify the core characteristics of your audience and see who else--and where else--those groups are engaging with content, meaning you don't waste time and money targeting a new group of readers.


Data Drives Creative, Creative Drives Data

When you have the right data on hand you can make smarter, more efficient decisions about who you target. In a crowded market, audiences evaluate hundreds of ads and content recommendations every week. All you have to do is appear like everyone else and your relationship with them will be over before it has begun. Our campaigns succeed where conventional approaches fail because they are novel, deeply insightful, intriguing and stand out from the crowd.

Better Research

It may sound obvious, but gathering the right data is essential to the success of any campaign.

Better Ideas

From that research we can create more relevant content while eliminating unnecessary guesswork.

Better Results

Our data-driven approach leads to higher engagement and conversion rates. We know what people like, so why not give it them?


Information is Empowering

How many people are buying our books? From where? What are our Goodreads ratings like? Who is sending the most traffic to our author’s landing page? What was that sudden spike in Likes about? Marketing doesn't end when your book comes out. Performance monitoring after a book is released is crucial for continued sales, reacting to market changes, and retaining your audience for future encounters.

Our customized dashboards can bring the most important metrics about your books into one intuitive place, making it easy to see the information you care about and use it to make faster, informed decisions. With metrics identification, data source integration, display customization--even triggers and alerts--you really can have it all and give everyone the information they need, when they need it.


Uncharted Territory

Case Study

Simon and Schuster asked us to promote Ezekiel Boone's spider-centric novel in a highly creative way.

They had only one constraint: don't show spiders. 

We showed the spiders. And it worked.


Tell a great story about your story.

You're in good company...


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