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instant is the simplest way to create, post, and track Facebook Instant Articles. It's free and easy to use, and it's built on Paragraph's publishing platform, winner of Apple's Best of 2013 and a 2014 Webby Honoree.



Turn a post into a beautiful story

instant  comes with all the modules you need to create great looking Instant Articles on Facebook.  Add hi-res images with audio captions, interactive slideshows, rich videos and interactive maps –  without a single line of code.


Post when you want

Whether you're ready to post now or prefer to schedule it for later,  instant  makes it a breeze. And when you post your article on Facebook,  instant  gives it a unique url, so your story can be viewed by anyone with a browser... even outside of Facebook.


Gain Insights

Built-in analytics lets you measure viewer engagement. And since Instant Articles give users the ability to share individual elements from your article, you'll be able to see which photos or videos people love the most.




Be one of the first to create an Instant Article


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