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What is this thing?

instant is a tool that makes it simple for anyone to design and publish Instant Articles on Facebook. It’s built on Paragraph’s publishing platform, winner of Apple's Best of 2013 and a 2014 Webby Honoree.


What are Instant Articles?

Facebook’s Instant Articles are the new way to publish fast, interactive content optimized for consuming on mobile. They will be hosted natively on the app’s News Feed and won’t require readers to follow an external link to see the article. This makes articles available instantly, eliminating the typically long (and frustrating) load time.


How much is this going to cost?

Nothing. (That’s less than a penny!) Instant is free to use for as many articles as you’d like to post.


I thought Instant Articles hasn’t launched yet?

Facebook announced Instant Articles in May and they are currently testing the feature with a small group of publishers. Some day soon, though, Instant Articles become available to everyone. instant will make sure you’re for that day.


Why do I need this?

Your audience spends most of their time on mobile phones… and Facebook. Delivering optimized content where your audience consumes is essential. instant is the simplest way to create, post, and track interactive content as Facebook Instant Articles. There’s a reason why the largest publishers in the world have jumped at this opportunity--don’t wait too long to see why.


Won’t I be able to post directly to Facebook from <my current publishing platform>?

Sure, you can do that. But the key these days is going where the audience is. When you publish a story on instant you know your article will look exactly the way you designed it, and it can publish to your website, too.


How is Instant Articles going to work? By reading RSS feeds?

The Instant Articles format uses HTML and RSS. So you can post original content or utilize an automated content syndication system. Our tool, instant, will help you create original content with rich-media features like interactive maps and auto-play videos, without a single line of code.


What kind of modules will this support?

You can use the same modules Facebook publishes--interactive maps, tilt-to-pan photos, auto-play videos, and embedded audio captions.


I’m a developer - what do I need this for?

instant is the quick and easy way to create and customize Instant Articles without any coding. We know you’re busy, so let us take care of the hard work for you.


Can Instant Articles be viewed on Android devices?

Currently the only way Instant Articles can be viewed is through Facebook’s iPhone app.


Can we use our own fonts?

Absolutely! Facebook is allowing publishers of Instant Articles to use their own fonts, giving you more creativity for the look and feel of your posts.


How will this affect referral traffic?

Although Instant Articles are viewed in the Facebook app, the views will still count as traffic to your website.