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Pretty. Powerful. Publishing.

The easiest way   to deliver your stories  as a unified experience across devices and platforms.


Create content once then publish it directly to (Web, Email, Pinterest,  Facebook Instant Articles, Apple News app..)

Particle was built from the ground up with a belief that every piece of content should be  responsive. Responsive meaning not only to mobile devices, but to every platform where people go to consume content.   You can publish directly from Particle to  web, social media, apps, even send it as an email newsletter, all from a single format of your content. It doesn't get easier than that.


Make it beautiful, even if you 're not a designer.

Creating beautiful content  is easy with Particle.  Start from a template   for inspiration  and customize the layout. Add images, videos, audio, and more to bring your stories to life.   With drag & drop content blocks it's simple to arrange words and images just the way you want them. And with a built-in image editor you can  make adjustments quickly, without opening another program. 


Effortless distribution.

Advance scheduling lets you publish your content whenever you want; just pick a time and date and your publication will go live at that moment. And because social sharing is built-in to every page produced with Particle your audience handles promotion for you.


Easy to collaborate.

Whether you're a single editor or a team of twenty, producing new content is easy. Shorten the production process with our web-based tool that's accessible from anywhere, on any device.  Access controls and permission rights mean that only the right people have access to the right tools at the right time.  Workflow notifications ensure content from two (or more) authors won't be overwritten.


"Forming a direct relationship with our readers was an issue keeping us up at night. Particle enabled us to easily create a digital publication    with the flexibility to deliver it in every format that our audience expects these days   –  and without the usual high development costs."