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The Challenge

Simon & Schuster (publisher of The Hatching) was looking for a way to identify influencers, lift brand exposure and maximize pre-orders for the upcoming novel. S&S incorporated content marketing into their strategy in order to reach their goals.


The Solution

Based on initial analysis we briefed our creative team on key elements and emotions that should perform well with the target audience. We then produced dozens of different videos and still images and tested them across multiple channels and influencers.


Viewer Reactions


Data-driven results

The success of this campaign can be attributed to the quality of content and promoting it in the right channels. Great storytelling, captivating visuals and catchy headlines all contributed to the high engagement with our content. The other key component of The Hatching's success lies in the experience and capabilities of Paragraph: with a professional production team and data-driven growth marketers, Paragraph helped S&S connect with new audiences and drive traffic from social media influencers.



Engage your audience with things worthy of their attention.